Auto-Claim Faucets List

  1. Do you want to level up quickly in FaucetHub and are you tired of solving captcha again and again? Here is the top auto claim faucet list for you. You receive 3 EXP per Faucet Claim. Calculate yourself how quickly you will level up if you automatically get 3 EXPs in every 0.05-3 minutes.
  2. Some of the auto faucets in the list are for level up your FaucetHub account but some of them are good for earnings, you can sort the table according to your requirements.

To use these faucets you must register on and link a crypto-currency address. ( How?)

Auto-Faucet owner, you can ping your auto-faucet details here. We will review and will add your auto faucet in this list




Question - My autofaucet stops in between, how to fix it?

      Ans: Please follow the following instruction to fix this problem.

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