Top ad network for Faucet Publishers

Top ad network Faucet publishers

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Top ad network for Faucet Publishers

We have collected all high paying Top ad network for Faucet Publishers. All list are tested and paying.

1. BitMedia

BitMedia is an emerging Bitcoin-based ad network that allows publishers to display both text and banner ads. They are considered as the Google Adsense as they are well known for using the effective PPC model and offers very high rates. Though they are also strict when it comes to the publisher approval as you need to have high-quality traffic. It also runs on a pay per click system.
Minimum withdrawal – 0.002BTC (No fee)



  • your website should be quite good in order to be accepted (surprisingly Alexa ranking is not one of their criteria – good surprise).
  • It is considered as Google Adsense for cryptocurrency related sites because of their very high rates.


  • They don’t consider Alexa rank but they have their own strict approval rules.
  • You only get paid for banner clicks, not for impressions.


CPM, CPC, Popup, PopUnder and as well as new tab-based ads
Multiple Banner Formats like 300×250,468×60,125×125,728×90,120×600 pixels and many more

Accepting all Bitcoin/Crypto coin sites
90% advertiser spending share
Fast Approval In Maximum 24 Hours
Min payout 0.004 Btc
Instant Payments


  • Instant Payments.
  • Specialized crypto advertising network.
  • Fast domain approval within 24 hours.
  • Instant payments on Bitcoin wallet.
  • Detailed stats reporting system with multiple maps and graphs.
  • Various ad formats – Banner, text, pop, and new tab.
  • Option to choose revenue models – CPM, CPC, CPD, and Pop.
  • Dedicated support via email, Skype, Telegram and multiple other social channels.
  • Worldwide coverage with high CPM rates.
  • 90% revenue share model.
  • Bidding system to ensure the highest rates.


  • Minimum Alexa Rank required: 300k.

3. Anonymous Ads

A-ADS is one of the popular Bitcoin ad network available on the web and it is quite a popular ad network to promote ICOs. Also, A-ADS is still the favorite ad network of crypto-related web publishers as the network is solely based on the concept of anonymity where no personal information or verification is required. You can simply sign up with A-ADS either as a publisher or advertiser and if you are a publisher then you can straight away place the ad inventory on your website without going through the hassle of approval or any other criteria.

A-ADS is known for its punctuality when it comes to generating payments to the publishers. You can withdraw your earnings either to A-ADS account or directly to a Bitcoin address. As far as the support is concerned, A-ADS is quite competitive in providing quality support to its clients. This ad network is for banner and text ads.

Minimum withdrawal – 0.001BTC (No fee) To Any BTC Wallet OR 0.00000001 BTC To faucetsystem


  • Offers anonymity—you don’t need to provide personal info
  • Payments are always prompt and punctual
  • Good record of customer support
  • No Alexa Rank Needed
  • The user can withdraw even 1 satoshi to FaucetSystem


  • Some users have noted lower payouts of late

4. Mellow Ads

Network campaigns start from 0.001 BTC ($0.25) per day running for as long as you like. 0% fees for what comes to either CPM Campaigns or CPC Campaigns, receive the full amount paid.

One of the best bitcoin advertising network. every faucet owners want to get approve his/her faucet on mellows network, but they will approve your faucet if your faucet’s Alexa ranking is under 1,00,000. They have a CPC, CPM, PPD system. Also, they providing popups ads (new feature added).

Minimum withdrawal: 0.001(fee up to 0.0005)


  • Charges fairly low fees, which may mean higher payouts Referral program with 50% commission


  • Your website must be in a top 100,000 Alexa ranking Support is unreliable, with many queries going unanswered

5. CoinTraffic

CoinTraffic has been around since 2014 and refers to itself as a crypto advertising network. It offers CPM campaigns and has a wide range of advertising format options, including static banners and pop-under ads. The platform is easy to use, which makes checking daily payments and withdrawing commissions particularly easy. There’s a minimum withdrawal of €10, and requests for payouts are usually processed within 24 hours.

One advantage of CoinTraffic is that they’re selective about the number of advertising partners they have. This means that they’re careful to avoid ICO scams, instead simply concentrating on high-quality traffic with reputable advertisers and publishers. Support offered by CoinTraffic is typically very good, with quick response times, though it can sometimes take weeks for your website to be approved or rejected.


  • The platform is quick and easy to use Support is good, with quick replies and helpful answers Careful about the advertisers they choose


  • You may have to wait a while for your website to be reviewed

6. Coinzilla

One of the newer Bitcoin advertising networks, Coinzilla was launched in 2016. It offers both CPM and CPC advertising in the form of standard banners, floating banners, and pop-under ads. Interestingly, adverts can be funded not only with Bitcoin but also with Ethereum. One feature you may find useful is the referral program, which can help you earn 10% of the deposits and withdrawals of referred users.


  • Earn additional Bitcoin with the referral program Payments are reliable and rarely delayed Ads can also be funded in Ethereum High-quality advertisers


  • Strict website requirements

7. AdBit

Part of the BitRush network, AdBit works using a pay-per-day system. It’s similar to Google AdSense in that advertisers will bid against each other for a share in the ad space on your website. The higher the bid, the more of a share a particular advertiser has and the more you can potentially earn. The only ad format option is a banner, though this can consist of text, an image, or interactive media, depending on the particular ad.


  • Payments are made in real time


  • Relatively small ad network Not many ad formats to choose from Customer support can be a little slow at times

8. Coinverti

– Competitive rates
– Real-time statistics
– Payments are made instant!
– Minimum payout of just $25
– All payments are made in crypto coins
– 10% from your referrals

Minimum Alexa Rank Required: 500k

9. WNP is one of the leading bitcoin advertising networks in the world and focuses on traffic targeting that makes advertising simple for both advertisers and publishers.

No matter you are an advertiser or publisher, it will take 30 seconds to register. We will analyze from the different sides of advertisers and publishers. has some requirements for the publishers. You can know more from the following link

The minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC. Once the transaction is submitted, the administrator will check the traffic quality. It will be credited to the Bitcoin address if there is no quality problem with the site’s traffic. Transaction fees will be deducted from the payment amount. will provide users with a very detailed statistic of ad space performance, including views, clicks and total earnings

10. Bidvertiser

Publisher Requirements

Publisher Terms: link

Traffic Requirements: None

Publisher Language Requirement: None

Prohibited Publisher Content: No adult illegal sites

Ad Types: Display Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Slider Ads, XML Feeds, desktop, and mobile

Approval Process

Their approval process is automatic. You will be able to start promoting their ads as soon as you sign up. As long as you don’t violate any of their publisher terms listed below, you should have no problem entering and staying within the network. Website verification is required in order to prove ownership, as well as phone verification.

Why Should You Use It?

  1. Getting your site approved is very easy. There are not any mandatory requirements. It seems there is no approval process at all. You just need to sign up and place ads on your site.
  2. Various Ad Formats: Banners, Skyscrapers, Inline Ads, Rectangles and Mobile Ads.
  3. They provide 100% fill rate.
  4. It also has a referral program from which money can be made referring Advertisers and Publishers to BidVertiser.
  5. Minimum Payout is only $10.00 for PayPal.
  6. No Minimum Age requirement,
  7. Newest blogs/sites also accepted.


  1. Ads displayed may not be relevant to your site’s niche.
  2. The quality of ads is not very good.
  3. Low PPC


Requirements for sites to join Adhitz CPC ad network

  • The sites must not host any objectionable content.
  • The sites must not have broken copyright laws.
  • This ad network doesn’t accept adult sites.
  • This ad network doesn’t accept PTC sites and traffic exchanges.
  • The publishers must not use bots or software to generate fake traffic.

Ad Formats

The publishers can have access to 2 ad formats :

  1. Text : 728×90  – Leaderboard, 468×60 – Banner, 234×60  – Half Banner, 120×600 – Skyscraper, 160×600 – Wide Skyscraper, 125×125 – Button, 180×150 – Small Rectangle, 200×200 – Small Square, 250×250 – Square, 120×240 – Vertical Rectangle, 300×250 – Medium Rectangle, 336×280 – Large Rectangle and 240×400 – Fat Skyscraper
  2. Image: 728×90  – Leaderboard, 468×60  – Banner, 120×600 – Skyscraper, 125×125 – Button and 300×250 – Medium Rectangle.

There are two types of ads from where bloggers and webmasters can make money :

  1. Site-specific : The advertisers can advertise on sites specifically and directly. In this case, the publishers sell their ad spaces to advertisers.
  2. Network ads: It is nothing but general advertising. Your ad spaces will get filled with ads automatically.


The publishers get paid on Net 30 basis. The minimum payout is $25. The payment options are PayPal and Payza.

Best Features

  • Easy installation
  • The publishers can set their own prices.
  • The publishers can block certain ads.
  • If site-specific ads are not available, network ads will start showing.

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