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Do you want to earn passively and want to start your own faucet? then this post for you. If you don’t have knowledge about coding or programming, it’s not a problem. If you start your own faucet slowly-slowly you can understand coding as well. We listed here scripts which will really help you.

To start faucet-

  • you have to choose one of these scripts and upload it into your hosting.
  • To earn from faucet you need ad networks, click here to get best ad networks list.

Free Scripts:-

1. FaucetBox Ultimate

  •  This is the modified version of faucetbox script. Original Faucetbox script was the very popular script but at later time Bot users found the way to deal with it.
  •  You will get the regular updates that are awesome.
  •  You can enable or disable short-link according to your choice
  • This script has very good anti-bot protection system.
  • Support FaucetHub
  • Support Shortlinks
  • Multi Shortlink Support

Working Faucet: Faucetspro™️

2. CoinBox Script – Faucetinabox core and CoinBox features

  • Support FaucetHub
  • It has the mix feature or FaucetBox and CoinBox Script
  • Support Shortlinks
  • Multi Shortlink Support
  • Faucet Statistics on Homepage

3. Salmen’s Faucethub script

  •  In this script, you can change reward from minimum to maximum amount-it generate a random payout
  • It blocks VPN/Proxy and you can put Bitcoin Address or IP address on the blacklist and they will get the error after solving the captcha.
  • You can add HTML sites or change the three advertising spots.
  • The payment will be stored in the account. The users can withdraw it anytime to FaucetHub and see stats like total claims or 24 hours stats.
  • A small fee of maximum 3 satoshis will be sent to the owner for each claim.

4. Faucet with dice 

  •  Faucet+Dice is a bitcoin faucet also has a fully functional dice game where users can play with their game earnings.
  • The site is PHP and Javascript. Antibot with Google’s reCaptcha.

5. FaucetHub PTCWALL

  •  Integrated Faucet System. They are updating script on a thread.
  • Mining System
  • Withdraw System
  • Transactions List (LIVE).

6. FaucetCMS (deep64)

  •  FaucetHub integrated system also they will add XAPO and direct payment option too.
  • Admins can view Detailed statistics for claims including IP, User-Agent, BTC address, system language.

Visitors Demo

Admin Demo 

7. WordPress Faucet Script

  •  This script or plugin is made by
  • You can use Faucethub as the payment option.
  • Good script for WordPress users

8. Xapo 

  •  This script was not Xapo’s official script, it made by one of the users and it is one of the popular scripts.
  • The reward is sent directly to Xapo.
  • They don’t provide any personal help you have to setup it on your own.

Paid Faucet Scripts

1. GR8 Faucet Script

Main Features

  • Responsive CSS: Works on Mobile, Tablet or PC
  • Clean Layout: Simple Designs without the clutter.
  • Proxy Detection: Standard PHP Detection, NastyHosts & IP Hub
  • Captcha Services: SolveMediareCaptchaCaptchMeCoinHive or WebMinePool
  • AntiBot Links: 4 random words from a 50k+ word list
  • Direct and API Shortlink (Set Unique or All View)
  • Supports All currencies
  • Easy Customization – Templates and Styles can be changed from admin panel.

Extra Features

  • Failed Attempt Lock Out – Lock User from Claiming if fails Captcha or AntiBot too many times.
  • Payout Safety Limit – Set max payout per 30 min. Keeps faucet from being drained.
  • One Claim per Addy/User – No Botters.
  • Faucet Stats including User Action Log
  • Auto-removes Self Referred Referrals
  • AutoBan users claiming from Multiple Countries
  • AutoBan users claiming from Multiple Addys
  • Max Claims per day

Active Faucets

new price 100$ (Yes it’s costly but it’s popular)

2. BitcoinWager Script

Key Features Included:

  • Bitcoin Faucet
  • Satoshi Snakes
  • Fortune Hunter
  • Roll Dice
  • Hi-Lo Dice
  • Lottery/Raffle

Other Important Features Included:

  • News Page
  • Forum Page
  • Contact Page
  • Admin Panel
  • Verify Rolls Page

Everything In The Nutshell:

  • Bitcoin Gambling script is easy to use and stable. Expecting high-performance wouldn’t be a mistake.
  • Who prefers gambling without a provably fair algorithm? No one. It’s probably fair, and safe. No hacks, no bots.
  • Script’s source is easy to edit and goes easy on your eyes. No poorly developed code.
  • Let your users deposit and withdraw instantly with integrated CoinPayments API.
  • Increase your activity and revenues with our in-built faucet. It’s well proven and safe from bots. We promise.
  • Let your users spend their boring time with your Satoshi Snakes game. Pay them for each block collected, build your site’s activity.
  • Let your users roll dice and let your users win random amounts – this builds activity and trust. Provably fair!
  • Let your users bet, and test their luck. This is all probably fair! No trouble for you!
  • Let your users test their luck! Set raffle contests and accumulate huge amounts of deposits to your contest!
  • Sounds cool, right? Your users can build automatic bots to bet at the games.
  • Give your users a voice! Let them interact at the chatting room and forums!
  • It’s well trusted, hugely used and is considered one of the best scripts in the industry. Webmasters have noticed a decline of 90% in bot activity at their sites after switching to our script.

Box Contents:

  • Four provably fair dice games
  • Multiple other games
  • Raffle and lottery contests
  • Faucet
  • Chat and forums

PRICE: 264.99

3. YFaucet Script


  • very fast Loading
    only 570kb  browser load!
  • Bootstrap 4.1.1
    newest in responsive and mobile friendly
  • Loyalty Bonus
    increases up to 100 %
  • JACKPOT game
    double your bet amount on the solts machine game or win the JACKPOT
  • Captcha
    solvemedia for easy solving
    Nastyhosts, IPhub, TOR and my own ISP check against bots and cheaters!
  • possible to place 4 ads!
    3 on the main page and 1 on account Modal
  • Multi-currency
    payout BTC or DOGE

PRICE: 15$

TOP Auto Faucet Scripts

Features of Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script:
  • Fully Responsive CSS: Works on Mobile, Tablet or PC
  • Unique Material UI Design
  • Timer Progress Bar and Remaining time Notification on Auto claim page
  • Option to stop claim after limited claims
  • Added support for multiple short links
  • Title name shows remaining claims counts
  • SEO Optimization
  • Wisely used Ad-space in UI, which will not disturb user experience and good for revenue
  • No More 000webhost brand logo.
  • Supports All currencies
  • Right-click and F12 key disabled by default.
  2. Nastier-years

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