Latest Version V2.2

Released – Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V2.2

Published on: Jan 12, 2019

Following awesome feature added in this script-

  • We added a new Feature : Roll Game
  • Added Solvemedia and hCaptcha
  • Mining fully removed from our Autofaucet( After a long observation we found it is neither beneficial for Faucet Owner nor for Faucet Users.
  • The formula for picking a shortener from a list is changed. Using cookie to store index of used shortener.
  • This script using a trusted 3rd party tool for security. Removed Nastyhost and iPhub completely from this script. New tool will block Proxy user without failing, Bot Users, SQL injection and Much more. It provide an awesome dashboard for their security.
  • All known Bugs fixed.

Demo Link: Faucetworld

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