Which is the Better Choice?

The demise of FTX has caused many to question the safety of other centralised exchanges. In this review we will compare two of these – Coinbase and Kucoin – to determine if they are worth using, and which one is the better. With many crypto investors now concerned about the soundness of centralized exchanges, there […]

A New Chance for Decentralization

It’s been several weeks since crypto markets and its participants were shocked by the news that leading exchange FTX was billions of dollars in debt. Its insolvency and mismanagement of investor funds has created a massive backlash in the industry, and it will likely be months until the full ramifications of the failure are known. […]

MATIC Pumps on Positive News from Meta Platforms and JPMorgan

News is always a great driver of rallies in the crypto space, and the most recent coin to gain some attention and love from traders and investors is Polygon’s MATIC token. As of writing the MATIC token is up 24% Friday on bullish news regarding the adoption of the blockchain by major traditional institutions and […]

Bisq Review 2022: The MOST Decentralized Exchange?

Ah, DeFi… Does it get any better than being in full control of your finances with no boundary-overstepping authoritarian entity breathing down your neck and telling you what you can and can’t do? Decentralized Finance and Decentralized Exchanges have become a true foundational pillar of cryptocurrency thanks to their trustless and permissionless framework that places […]

FTX vs Bybit 2022: Top Crypto Trading Platform Comparison!

As crypto users and traders ourselves here at the Coin Bureau, we know what a difficult and time-consuming task it can be to spend hours scouring through the hundreds of exchanges, looking for the perfect one to match our needs. Let’s face it, not all crypto exchanges are created equally, and different crypto trading platforms […]

3Commas Review 2022: The BEST Place for Crypto Trading Bots

Automated trading bots have become increasingly popular among traders in recent years, and it is easy to understand why. Who doesn’t dream of a life where you are kicking back on a beach, relaxing and sipping Piña Coladas as an army of trading bots set to work making you money? While trading bots are unlikely […]

KuCoin vs Bybit 2022: Which is the TOP Crypto Exchange for KYC-Free Trading?

Welcome cryptonaut, to another article in our versus series where we compare some of the top exchanges to help our community find which exchange is right for them. Here at the Coin Bureau, we know what a pain it can be to spend hours scouring through the hundreds of exchanges, looking for the perfect one […]

How to stake Cardano’s ADA with Ledger Hardware Wallet

The Cardano blockchain is one of the OG blockchains that’s been around since the early days of crypto. To many, it’s one of the most mystifying chains in the crypto space. What it aims to do, ambitious in the early days, seems standard nowadays. yet the loyalty from believers of the chain has not wavered […]

You NEED to Know their Impact on Everything

With rampant inflation happening around the world, one of the ways often used to curb that inflation is interest rates. It is one of the few tools available to bring down demand to balance it more accurately with supply. Interest rates have both a direct and indirect impact on our daily lives. We hope that, […]

Here’s how to Earn Yield with Polygon

The Polygon network is one of the fastest-growing chains in the crypto space. From its inception in 2017, it quickly became one of the top chains, ranking at a respectable 14th place, according to Coingecko.com. This Layer-2 blockchain is built on top of Ethereum to help it with its scalability issue. With the launch of […]