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What is Faucetspro AutoFaucet Script?

Faucetspro AutoFaucet Script is a full website script written basically in PHP. With the help of this ready-made project, you can build a website like faucetworld.in within 30 Minutes. That’s cool, right? I spent a lot of time to develop it.

Why should you use this script?

Faucetspro AutoFaucet Script is for all those people who want to earn passively with very minimal work. With the help of this script, you will earn through various ADS, Shorteners, Offerwalls, Browser Mining etc. You will give your partial earning to your user and remaining will be your profits. As we provide a referral system in the script, your visitor will take care of getting more traffic for you. Only at the initial phase, you have to work a little bit to get traffic.

Full Features in Latest Release V2.4

This version of Faucetspro AutoFaucet Script has all the following features to make your site awesome unique and all possible ways to boost your passive earning.

  • Token System: We have added the Token System in the script. Tokens will treat as a Fuel of this script. Means user can claim automatically until he has tokens in his account. To get tokens user has to do Shortener, Offerwalls, Roll Game, Toss game Wheel-of-Fortune game.
  • Refresh time is often set by User at any time. currently, one web site with this script can attract all kind of people.
  • Offerwalls – We integrated PTCWall, OfferToro, Offerdaddy, WannaAds, SuperRewards.
  • Games – Wheel-of-Fortune Game, Toss Game, Roll Game attracts most peoples and make this script more professional.
  • Captcha – Solvemedia, Re-Captcha and hCaptcha, fun-captcha. Random captcha on every page reload will give you more protection.
  • A trusted 3rd party tool “Project Security” is used to protect this Autofaucet from Proxy, Bot, SQL injection and much more.
  • Rotative FaucetHub APIs ( You can use multiple FaucetHub APIs now to avoid FaucetHub API Error 441). Now you can even send payout in ever 1 second and your auto faucet will run without any FH API errors. Only you have to add multiple FH API Keys.
  • Fully Responsive CSS: Works on Mobile, Tablet or PC
  • Unique Material UI Design
  • Multi-Shortener Link Supported with unique claims in 24 Hours.
  • Rotative Ads on site will increase your Ads revenue.
  • The user can see the total Auto claims counts in his account. He has to visit shortener link to get more Auto claims.
  • Used CDN.
  • Easy installation.
  • Timer Progress Bar and Remaining time Notification on Auto claim page
  • Title name shows remaining claims counts
  • SEO Optimization
  • Wisely used Ad-space in UI, which will not disturb user experience and good for revenue
  • No More 000webhost brand logo. Good thing for the user who uses free hosting 000webhost.
  • Supports All FaucetHub.io currencies.

Demo Video

How to Install?

Released – Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V2.4

Published on: April 14, 2019

Following awesome feature added in this script-

  • Wheel of Fortune Game Added
  • Toss Game Added.
  • Fully customized UI for Seo optimization, for good user experience and for good performance
  • Fun-Captcha Added. So not 5 rotative captcha is there in this script(Solvemedia, hCaptcha, Re-Captcha, FunCaptcah) which will secure your faucet. You can earn from Fun-Captcha and hCaptcha also.

Demo Link: Faucetworld

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Released - Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V2.3

Published on: Feb 2, 2019

Following awesome feature added in this script-

  • Refresh time can be handled by User at any time. Now one website with this script will attract all type of visitors.
  • Offerwalls added.
  • Captcha Solvemedia, Recaptch and hCaptcha Added. Random captacha on every page reload will give you more protection.
  • Improved Shortener feature.

Released - Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V2.2

Published on: Jan 12, 2019

Following awesome feature added in this script-

  • We added a new Feature: Roll Game.
  • Added Solvemedia and hCaptcha.
  • This script using a trusted 3rd party tool for security. Removed Nastyhost and iPhub completely from this script. New tool will block Proxy user without failing, Bot Users, SQL injection and Much more. It provide an awesome dashboard for their security.

Released - Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V2.1

Published on: Dec 25, 2018

Following awesome feature added in this script-

  • Rotative FaucetHub APIs( You can use multiple FaucetHub APIs now to avoid FaucetHub API Error 441). Now you can even send payout in ever 1 second and your auto faucet will run without any FH API errors. Only you have to add multiple FH API Keys.
  • Fixed some hidden bugs(Some of users were using Automation tool, now they will not be able to use this Autofaucet).
  • UI improvements.

Released - Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V2.0

Published on: Nov 8, 2018

Following awesome feature added in this script-

  • We used Cookie instead of Session for picking shortener from a list of Shorteners. Saving the only index in browser like 1,2,3… So it is secure and fast.
  • UI improvements. Now user can open his dashboard. If he has claim count in his account then we will not ask him to complete shortener link until he has 0 claim count left.
  • Bad News: Increased price of script to 50 USD.

Released - Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V1.4

Published on: Nov 24, 2018

Following awesome feature added in this script-

  • We have added a Button on faucet claim page. With this button user can increase their claim Count by solving Shortlink. We already support multi-shortlink with unique claim count. Same feature we added with this new Claim button. Now you can earn more from your shortener links.
  • Few bug related to claim count are fixed.
  • Demo Link: Faucetworld, Faucetspro(New)

Released - Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V1.3

Published on: Nov 6, 2018

Once again we are happy to come up with a new release with awesome updates.

  • We have added an awesome Faucet list with this script. it will increase your referral earning and you do not have to do anything extra with your site. We are giving this faucet list script as an offer with this autofaucet script but soon price will increase or you will get only autofaucet script with same price. You can see this Awesome faucet list in our Faucet: faucetworld.in or auto.crypto-all.com
  • Now you can get more revenue from ads because we added support to pick a random ad code from a list of ad codes.
  • Fixed few bugs and improved performance.

Released - Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V1.2

Published on: Oct 19, 2018

In this version, we totally focused on increasing revenue. To do it we made following hidden changes. You can verify these changes in our active faucet: faucetworld.in

  • Changes in shorten services:
    To easily understand this changes we take an example. Suppose you are using 5 shorten URLs(A,B,C,D,E). If a user tries to claim 1st time then we will show a random shorten URL from the list. Next time if the same person trying to click on claim again, we will pick a random shorten URL from remaining 4 shorten URLs and will exclude the one which user saw already. If the user sees all 5 shorten URLs one by one then we delete the excluded list and start from the beginning.

  • Changes in Mining services:
    A use will not get a mining bonus if he will disable or block mining by any process. Likewise, if the user uses ad blocker then he will not able to use this faucet.

Released - Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V1.1

Published on: Oct 7, 2018

We have released Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V1.1

Following improvements, we did in this version.

  • We made this script fully customizable. Now there will not be any confusion for anyone in setup.
  • We added support for mining(webminepool.com will be the default Mining platform).
  • Now the fixed amount will send to the user’s account. In the older version, this was the random value which was very near to the amount which you set in config.php. Now user can easily differentiate between actual amount and Mining bonus.
  • UI improvements.
  • Now you can put Floating ad 720×90 AD, which will show at the bottom.

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  • PHP 7+
  • allow_url_fopen = 1 ‘php.ini’ directive set (this is the default).

Payment Methods and price:

1. Bitcoin:

100 USD 50 USD(50% off for Limited Time)

   Pay Now

Once you pay, you will able to download.

2. Via FaucetHub

If you have Faucethub balance then this option will be easy for you. My username in FaucetHub is faucetspro.com. Ping me before paying on FaucetHub by the command: (/pm faucetspro.com “Message”)

3. Please contact us for different Methods

Important Note


Term and Conditions to Get New Updates:

  • You will get the new update always for free and you do not have to pay in Future anymore if you are not breaking rules.
  • If you share script code, removing our Footer Credit Code or Fully modifying the CSS without asking me, you will no Longer get the script Updates.
  • Please let us know on which sites you are going to install our script. You can use it in your multiple sites but please let us know all your sites.

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