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Top DogeCoin AutoFaucets in 2019

AutoFaucet List

We have collected all updated Top DogeCoin AutoFaucet List for you. You can earn free cryptocurrency with these AutoFaucets. All of them are properly tested and paying more.

Faucet NameWithdrawal to
Avg RewardTimer Claim
MyHealthSuit DOGE AutoFaucet FaucetHub 1400000 to 2800000 2 or 4Visit
Faucetspro™️ DOGE AutoFaucet FaucetHub 1400000 to 2800000 2 or 4Visit
Bitcoiniffy AutoFaucet FaucetHub 1000000 1Visit
🔥 Fire Faucet Network 🔥 FaucetHub 600000 1Visit
Express Dogecoin Auto Claim FaucetHub 419188 1Visit – DOGE FaucetHub 416667 1Visit
autoClaim – DOGEFaucetHub 416667 1Visit
autoBitCo – DOGEFaucetHub 416667 1Visit
Randomsatoshi (EMPTY BALANCE)FaucetHub 330000 1Visit
Dogecoin Mining Game | Virtually Mine DogecoinFaucetHub 320000 4Visit
🤖 Dutchy BigGain AutoDOGE 🤖FaucetHub 273333 to 6560000 0.3 to 8Visit
Icucu Auto Dogecoin FaucetFaucetHub 200000 1Visit
DOGE AUTOFAUCETFaucetHub 200000 1Visit
GDFaucet - FaucetHub 150000 to 1500000 0.4 to 5Visit
JhovoAuto DogeFaucetHub 150000 1Visit
Auto mdeisy dogeFaucetHub 150000 1Visit
🤖 Dutchy GoodGain AutoDOGE 🤖FaucetHub 136666 to 3280000 0.3 to 8Visit
🤖 Dutchy EpicGain AutoDOGE 🤖FaucetHub 136666 to 3280000 0.3 to 8Visit
💥Faucetworld💥 - Top Auto Faucet FaucetHub 125000 to 2500000 0.4 to 5Visit
🎯CRYPTO-ALL🎯 - Top Auto Faucet FaucetHub 125000 to 2500000 0.4 to 5Visit
🤖 Dutchy LotOfTIme AutoDOGE 🤖FaucetHub 68333 to 1640000 0.3 to 8Visit
🤖 Dutchy CoolTIme AutoDOGE 🤖FaucetHub 68333 to 1640000 0.3 to 8Visit
🤖 Dutchy ChillTIme AutoDOGE 🤖FaucetHub 68333 to 1640000 0.3 to 8Visit
Auto sticky DOGE FaucetHub 50000 1Visit
TGainer Auto FaucetFaucetHub 30000 2Visit
🔴 Flood Auto DOGE 🔴 FaucetHub 22000 1Visit
📈 Eaglezz Auto DOGE 📈 FaucetHub 8000 1Visit

What is Dogecoin Auto Faucet?

Dogecoin AutoFaucets are tinny websites from where you can earn cryptocurrency for free

  1. You don’t have to solve captcha and shortener link in every claim. Once you start autofaucet, the page will automatically be refreshed at regular intervals and you will get Satoshi in every refresh. Only you need to open the browser tab.
  2. You can easily improve your Faucethub level with Autofaucets because of huge claim counts.
  3. Some auto faucet does mining on your system. But this is not a problem if you don’t want you can disable it.

How to earn from DogeCoin AutoFaucets?

  • To get started you will need a wallet. I suggest use Binance, but you can use any wallet(google it). It will provide you with wallets for FaucetHUB.
  • Once you have your wallet addresses go to FaucetHUB and create an account.
  • Once you have a FaucetHub account, log in and click on wallet addresses and add your addresses for every currency. These will be the addresses you use to claim on faucets.
  • You are now able to make money from any faucet on Link and collect FREE money.


  1. When at a faucet you will enter your address, there are usually Captcha, ReCaptcha or Solvmedia, these are for human verification.
  2. There are many kinds of faucets, Some have instant payouts and some are miners. Once you have claimed you should see the deposit on your FaucetHUB account!
  3. It’s really that simple to make FREE money. Participating in chat on FaucetHUB is a great way to earn more free coins! (they call it rain).
These screenshots will help you.
Click on this Image to open this faucet in new tab.
You can try to claim above Faucet.
Here you have to fill your Bitcoin address in the textbox, then complete antibot and then click on claim
Congrats!!! You have claimed. Go to FaucetHub and check your balance.

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Faucets are tinny websites where you can earn cryptocurrency satoshi either for solving a captcha, shorteners or viewing ads. You may ask – how Faucets Owners earns, it’s simple – they earn with the ads and shorteners and they give you their partial earnings to you. So it is a win-win situation.

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  • On a normal faucet, you will enter your wallet address, solve a captcha and be rewarded with Satoshi instantly. More often than not you will get a pop-up screen or a 2nd captcha to solve before you can get the payout. Most payout in 0 to 15 minutes some as long as a day.
  • Some of these faucets instant pay you to your FaucetHub but some need a minimum payout. They may be good and bad. You need to find out that they are not scamming.
  • Now a day Autofaucet are very popular(i.e., Firefaucet). These faucets are very easy where you don’t have to solve captcha or shortlink multiple time. You do only one time and their page automatically refresh at regular interval and they pay you without your manual efforts.
  • People who run websites are usually earning from Ad networks and shortened links. It is basically a win-win situation. So you don’t need to worry about it. Go and start earning.

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As you know the more you learn the more you earn. Faucet website teaches you many earning tips. Like if you start earning from it. Soon you will be interested in making your own websites to earn more. Making a faucet website is very easy which don’t need good coding skills. But once you start your own faucet slowly-slowly you will learn many marketing strategies for free-

  1. Affiliate marketing( Now a day it is very popular but most of the people don’t understand it. With faucets you will grow your skills as well)
  2. Coding skills – This is a good and interesting way to learn to code as well. But people think to learn coding they need to go to college only.

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FaucetHub is a micropayment system which allows you to receive payments from faucets/websites( Like You collect as several coins as you’ll, and once reaching the minimum payout threshold you’ll transfer those coins directly into your external wallet like Binance

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