How to earn free cryptocurrencies with auto faucet?

Do you know you can earn free cryptocurrency from without spending anything?

How to earn free cryptocurrency from auto faucet

Follow the below steps and start earning crypto from today- is a micro wallet that provides the way to transfer a small piece of cryptocurrency which is basically not possible with any actual wallet.

So whatever you earn from or any faucet site you need to first transfer it to Please note you are not going to store your crypto in expresscrypto permanent.  You need to use an actual wallet to store your crypto.  You can anytime transfer your cryptocurrency from expresscrypto to your actual wallet.

2. Login to and go to your Dashboard.

  1. Copy your Unique ID (EC-UserId-xxxxx). 
  2. Use this ID on will send money to your account.
Login to expresscrypto

3. Now go to

  • Click on start Auto Faucet Button or scroll down a little bit.
  • Paste your Unique ID on faucetworld and solve captcha and click on Login and Earn button.
  • In your dashboard, you can select coins and click on Start Auto faucet button
faucetworld auto faucet

4. Check your Earnings

  • Once you started auto faucet you can see Coins added to your wallet in faucetworld.
  • Now you can go to your Dashboard and check your earned balance in your faucetworld wallet.
  • You can withdraw it anytime to your expresscrypto account. To do it click on withdraw button and confirm your withdrawal.
faucetword earning proof
withdraw from

5. Now go to account and verify that you recieved your earning balance.

check on expresscrypto

Withdraw from to your faviorite wallets or Exchanges.

  • You can easily withdraw coins from to your wallets or exchanges
  • If you are not sure where to withdraw then we suggest some world popular wallets or exchanges: Binance

How to use Telegram Coupon Code on

  1. Join telegram channel:
  2. Copy/Get the last coupon code from this channel(Please note: Only the very latest coupon code work. Every day we send one coupon code only)
  3. log in to and open the URL: Here you can use the coupon code which you got in step 
  4. Done! Enjoy.
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Arfan Ahmadi
Arfan Ahmadi
4 months ago

How to use a free coupon from telegram

Kanwaljit Singh
Kanwaljit Singh
1 month ago


17 days ago

Saya menarik ke exspresscrypto tetapi saldo saya tetap tidak masuk, mohon bantuannya.

Josh Littlifield
Josh Littlifield
13 days ago

So I’m new born baby new to this style of crypto collecting and it looks like a lot of work but it also looks very interesting and like it’ll be fun. I’ve started the YouTube tutorial and I’m just about to Install root certificate. If anyone has any tips I wouldn’t be against hearing them. Wish me luck!

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