Top ad network for Faucet publishers – 2019

What are Ad Networks?

Ad Network is a company which buy ads from the advertiser and sell to publishers. There are too many networks are there. Adsense is always on top but they don’t like Faucet websites. Most people try to use Adsense on their faucet website but Adsense always bans them. There are many alternatives out there. Here we will see the list of all top Ad networks for Faucet websites.

Here is the list of a top ad network for Faucet Publishers. If you are a Faucet Owner and want to earn more with ads networks then this post is for you.


NameLogoMinimum WithdrawalAlexa RequiredOverall ratingVisit Site
CryptoCoinsAd0.005 BTCUnique Site5 Star RatingVisit
Bitmedia0.002 BTCUnique Site4 Star RatingVisit
Mellow Ads0.001 BTC100K4.9 Star RatingVisit
A-ads1 Satoshi To FaucetHubNo3 Star RatingVisit
Coinzilla Not FF€501.3M4.6 Star RatingVisit
AdCoinity25 USDNo3 Star RatingVisit
Cointraffic€10Unique Site3.3 Star RatingVisit
Coinverti0.004 BTC200K4.1 Star RatingVisit
Coinad0.005 BTC100K Very Strict5 Star RatingVisit
Bitcoadz0.004 BTC300K2.5 Star RatingVisit
Adhitz25 USDNo4.7 Star RatingVisit


Many people don’t earn anything with Faucet website because they don’t know what exactly they should do to earn more with faucet websites. Here I am giving you some tips so that you can multiply your earnings-

  1. Select top 3-5 Ad networks which rating is more on the above list or simply go to any top Faucet sites and check which ad network they are using and use them.
  2. Most importantly- Use at least 4 Ads and rotate them on your page. You can see the live example in If you don’t know how to do it then just google it and use similar code in your script. Or simply comment below if you are interested in it. I will provide you with a better solution.
  3. Use only top ad networks instead of crowding your whole page with all type of useless ads.
  4. You should rotate your Shortener links also. We have a separate shortener link post where you can get top Shortener list.

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