It’s been almost a year-and-a-half since the last Bitcoin halving supercharged the crypto markets and it’s safe to say a lot has happened since then. The ongoing bull market has seen the crypto space grow exponentially, with hundreds of billions of dollars pouring in. Prices have gone crazy. People have got excited. Fortunes have been made.

Rocket launching

Going to the moon.

One big story has followed another. Institutional investment has seen the likes of PayPal, Tesla and MicroStrategy go long on BTC. Virtually every coin or token has blazed past its previous all-time high. The gradual rollout of ETH 2.0 has everyone speculating on which smart contract blockchains will survive to claim victory. XRP has been duking it out with the SEC and Dogecoin has… don’t get us started on Dogecoin.

All this has meant that the public’s interest in crypto has never been keener, as more and more people wake up to the realities of the financial revolution that is underway. Retail investors are piling in and, while many are content to stick their money on the first altcoin that they come across, many more are eager to learn as much as they can about this new asset class.

There are after all over 7,000 cryptocurrency projects to choose from and the list is growing all the time. Many are shitcoins, destined to serve no purpose other than to (perhaps) make a few people a lot of easy money at the expense of others. But there are plenty out there with real use cases and genuinely cutting-edge tech behind them, which could shape the future of finance for decades to come. There’s so much to learn and so many opportunities to try and spot.

Cryptocurrency coins

Just some of the 7,000+ available.

If there is one place where almost everyone goes to level up their crypto knowledge, then it’s YouTube. Here you’ll find all the crypto content your heart desires and a good deal more besides. It’s where those who have devoted themselves to crypto share their wisdom and their thoughts on where the space is headed. It shouldn’t be the only stop on your journey towards crypto enlightenment, but it’s a great place to start.

Digging For Gold

Sadly, while there’s a heck of a lot of quality crypto content uploaded to the Tube on a daily basis, a load of junk also gets posted. This substandard content can take various forms: it can be ill-informed or biased, or it can be poorly conceived and produced. Much of it is clickbait, designed to lure you in with some dramatic tagline and then show you adverts for stuff you have no interest in. A crude, but effective way of making a few bucks.

But perhaps the most pervasive kind of crap crypto content is the shill: videos written, produced and promoted with the sole intention of pumping a coin or token’s price so that the creator of the video can sell the spike and clean up. Shills are everywhere and many of them are making serious bank off the backs of their subscribers.

Clickbait button on keyboard

Handy shortcut key.

With a bit of practice, shills can get easier to spot. If the video title contains phrases like ‘make you rich’; ‘why [insert project name here] will 1000x’ or ‘INSANE potential,’ then alarm bells should start ringing. Often they’ll make outlandish price predictions to lure viewers – predictions which are in no way grounded in reality. Many are little more than echo chambers telling viewers what they want to hear while imparting knowledge that even the most cursory Google search could turn up in seconds.

These shills may be pretty shameless, but many of them still attract large numbers of subscribers. After all, many would much rather watch a video that tells them they’re going to be rich than one which gives them some in-depth, properly researched information about a particular project or one of the many facets of the crypto space in general. ‘Who cares what this platform is trying to do, or what consensus mechanism its blockchain uses? Can I buy the token and make a 10x overnight?’

There is a heck of a lot of quality crypto content waiting for you on YouTube, but the shills, scammers and general amateurs mean you have to be discerning about whom to follow if you want to genuinely get to grips with crypto. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide to the best crypto YouTubers out there.

These are the channels that you can trust to bring you information that has been carefully researched and thoughtfully put together. The folks featured below are the ones dedicated to bringing you knowledge and doing so with a professional, fact-based approach. There are no semi-stoned teenagers yelling into their webcams here. No hyperactive moonboys pumping the tokens they’ve just bought a stack of. This is content for people who love crypto, made by people who love crypto.

1. Coin Bureau

No surprises to see our very own Guy the crypto guy in the number one spot and not just because we’re bound to be biased. Since day one, Guy’s focus has been on digging as deep as he can go into the projects that pop up on his radar, in order to bring his loyal subscribers the most objective, discerning and honest crypto content on the Tube. Oh, and it’s ad-free too, in case you didn’t know.

Coin Bureau's Homepage

Image via Coin Bureau

It hasn’t always been an easy ride, as technical issues have had to be overcome and insane hours worked in order to keep the channel’s upward trajectory going. Although it may look easy, making these videos is a time-consuming process, involving long hours of research, shooting and editing before they’re ready to hit the wires. Camera batteries have died mid-shoot, audio files been accidentally wiped and videos re-shot at the last moment because of unexpected developments with the featured projects. No wonder Guy hardly ever gets out.

But if you ask the man himself, he’ll tell you that he wouldn’t have things any other way. The same goes for the rest of the team here at the Bureau: we all love what we do and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work (well, sometimes).

If you’d said to any of us back when the channel launched in early 2019 that it would be approaching one million subscribers a little over two years later, well, we’d probably have laughed in your face. The crypto space was growing, but the heady days of the 2017 bull market were long gone. We knew crypto was here to stay, but none of us imagined that it would explode in popularity in the way that it has.

Guy in action

Guy doing his thing. Image via Coin Bureau

The combined effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the Bitcoin halving made 2020 a wild ride for all of us at Coin Bureau. Subscriber numbers began to climb as worldwide lockdowns gave more people the time to do proper research into crypto. Then, as predicted, the Bitcoin halving in May heralded the start of another bull cycle. The thrusters were well and truly engaged and have been ever since. On current trends, Coin Bureau will be the biggest crypto channel on YouTube. It’s already the best.

2. Finematics

If you’ve ever listened to an in-depth explanation of how a project or piece of crypto tech works and felt none the wiser after it than you did before, then Finematics may be just the channel you’ve been looking for.

Finematics homepage

Image via Finematics

There’s no getting away from it: crypto is complicated. As John Oliver memorably put it, crypto is ‘everything you don’t understand about money, combined with everything you don’t understand about computers.’ The tech behind cryptocurrencies is generally at a level far above what most of us can make sense of and so developing an understanding of how our favourite projects work can seem like an uphill battle.

Finematics recognises this and so makes videos that explain the tech with the help of some simple drawings. It’s one of those great ideas that seem so obvious in hindsight that you wonder how you didn’t think of it. The focus is mainly on decentralised finance (DeFi) and the videos take you through some of the biggest (and most mind-bending) projects in the space, including Aave, ThorChain and The Graph, as well as explaining concepts like Yield Farming and flash loans.

The channel has been around since 2017 and has around 225k subscribers, but deserves ten times that number. The only criticism we have is that videos aren’t released all that regularly, which probably explains why the channel isn’t as big as it should be. Nevertheless, for anyone looking to get their heads around the tech of the future, Finematics is not to be missed.

3. JRNY Crypto

So many YouTubers (crypto or otherwise) seem to think that bellowing their thoughts into the mike and blinding viewers with busy graphics is a recipe for success. Over at JRNY Crypto, Tony takes the opposite view. His videos are distinctly lo-fi, free from over-production and hype and all the better for that. Tony himself has a laid-back style that lets the information do the talking, as he talks viewers through the markets and gives his thoughts on particular projects.

JRNY Crypto homepage

Image via JRNY Crypto

JRNY Crypto mostly has a news focus, with regular updates for viewers on the big stories making the crypto headlines. This makes the channel an excellent resource for all investors, as having a reliable and informed source of news is vital for understanding the rollercoaster ride that is the crypto market.

The channel has been on the go since late 2017 and recently passed the half a million subscribers mark. Videos are posted daily and the content is refreshingly free of hype and wild predictions. There are no adverts to interrupt your viewing and Tony also uses timestamps to help you skip ahead if you’re pressed for time. There’s also a good historical quote a the start of every video, which never fails to please. Tony has a good record of his predictions coming through and should be on every cryptonaut’s radar.

4. Charles Hoskinson

As Bitcoin and most alts tumbled in the wake of Elon Musk’s latest Twitter brain dump, one of the few cryptos that actually saw its price rise was Cardano’s ADA, which broke the two-dollar mark and is currently threatening to leapfrog Ripple’s XRP to become the fourth largest crypto by market cap. It’s no wonder the Cardano community has been pretty vocal of late.

Charles Hoskinson's homepage

Image via Charles Hoskinson

Cardano is one of the main pretenders to Ethereum’s throne and many are betting that it will become one of the few smart contract blockchains able to compete with ETH 2.0 when the latter is finally rolled out. ADA’s recent bullish moves, coupled with Cardano’s latent promise has seen a whole lot of attention focus on the man behind it all, Charles Hoskinson. And, Charles being Charles, he appears to be loving every single moment of it.

There’s no disputing the fact that Charles Hoskinson is one of the big personalities in crypto, even if people tend to have mixed feelings about the guy. He’s super-smart, outspoken and has the sort of pedigree that few others can match, having helped co-found Ethereum before moving on to Cardano – and that’s just the short version of his biography. And you can now add YouTuber to his already impressive list of achievements.

The Charles Hoskinson channel has in fact been around since 2007, but his output and subscriber numbers have picked up noticeably in the last year, as excitement around Cardano has grown. His videos are generally streamed live from his office in warm, sunny Colorado (‘always warm, always sunny, sometimes Colorado’) and generally involve Charles holding forth about whatever happens to be on his mind, along with regular AMAs and the occasional rant about those who have wronged him.

Charles Hoskinson livestreaming

Charles Hoskinson coming to you LIVE! Image via Charles Hoskinson

Yes, a lot of what makes Charles such compelling viewing is his notoriously thin skin and willingness to address his detractors head-on. But that shouldn’t detract from the rest of the content on his channel – this guy is, after all, one of the biggest, smartest figures in crypto – even if some of what he has to say may go over most people’s heads. Charles, we love you: don’t stop doing what you do.

5. Benjamin Cowen

Another well-known and much-respected crypto YouTuber is Benjamin Cowen, who likes to look at things from a more technical perspective. The production of Ben’s videos tends to focus mainly on sharing his screen and talking viewers through the charts, but he clearly knows his stuff, even if his videos aren’t the most visually arresting. Hey, never judge a book by its cover.

Benjamin Cowen's homepage

Image via Benjamin Cowen

Indeed, Ben’s approach is in marked contrast to most crypto YouTubers, which makes him a vital resource for those who want to learn what makes the market behave the way it does. Thoughtful, detailed analysis is the order of the day here, with memes and price predictions thin on the ground.

The channel has been running since 2019 and recently pulled past the 540k subscribers mark, while Ben’s videos have racked up over 45 million views and counting. Not the flashiest crypto channel out there, but definitely one of the best.

6. 99Bitcoins

This Singapore-based channel has been bringing its viewers clear and consistent crypto advice since 2015 and has racked up nearly 570k subscribers in that time. This is thanks to its two main strengths: a focus on clarity and the avuncular presence of Nate Martin in front of the camera.

99Bitcoins' homepage

Image via 99Bitcoins

If you’re at the very start of your YouTube crypto journey, then 99Bitcoins is perhaps one of the best places to jump in. All things crypto are explained as simply and straightforwardly as possible, with videos being kept short to enable viewers to get a good first overview of whatever topic is being discussed. Perhaps best for newbies are the tutorials on how to buy certain coins and tokens and the two-minute reviews which break down a platform, project or product in… yep, you guessed it – two minutes.

Tying all of this together is the calm and reassuring figure of Nate Martin whose approachable persona makes even the most complicated topic that much easier to understand. 99Bitcoins is as good a demonstration as any of the importance of both style and substance.

7. aantonop (Andreas Antonopoulos)

Another channel that has been around a long time is that of legendary crypto expert, author, speaker and educator Andreas Antonopoulos, who has been putting videos out since 2015 – before many of us had even heard of Bitcoin, let alone started to invest in it.

Aantonop's homepage

Image via aantonop

It all makes for a pretty astonishing archive of crypto content from someone who has been around the blockchain a good many times and is not one to get phased by FUD or the latest ramblings from the desk of Mr Musk. Andreas is definitely a nerd’s nerd and, what his channel lacks in visual delights, it makes up for with informed and in-depth analysis and comment.

Andreas’ main strengths tend to come out more in his public speaking than in his videos, but he’s still one of the few OG crypto sages out there and his content deserves to be seen by more people. Like Benjamin Cowan’s channel, this is another great place to go to get away from hype and hopium and get some deeper, more informed analysis.


CoinDesk is one of the most respected and trusted sources of news, views and opinion in the crypto space, so it’s no surprise that the site’s YouTube channel should feature on our list.'s homepage

Image via

Since being founded in 2013, CoinDesk has established itself as a vital resource for those wanting to keep track of the crypto space, with its website and mobile app seeing heavy traffic on a regular basis. Its YouTube channel is something of an undiscovered frontier however, with fewer than 55k subscribers at the time of writing. This is a shame, as the channel posts several videos a day, mostly taking the form of industry experts discussing the latest events in the space. has the cachet of being an arm of one of the biggest crypto news sites going, yet the channel doesn’t seem to have hit its stride yet. The videos are often lacking an introduction, meaning the viewer finds themselves dropped into conversations without sometimes knowing who is involved and what their area of expertise is. We’re also often at the mercy of contributors’ home audio settings, which can make the whole experience a little frustrating. Let’s hope that the lifting of lockdown restrictions will enable a few more studio-based discussions in the future.

9. Digital Asset News

DAN is another great place to get a perspective on the latest goings-on in the crypto space, delivered by ‘a small business owner who firmly believes in cryptocurrency and digital assets.’ That small business must be going pretty well, as the videos are usually filmed next to his indoor pool (unless he’s using a green screen of course).

Digital Asset News' homepage

Image via Digital Asset News

The production values and editing of the videos aren’t the sharpest, but this does give them an endearingly home-made appeal. All the usual topics are covered, though the focus is very much on reacting to the latest news from the cryptoverse. Videos are generally kept fairly short, making the channel a good go-to for anyone pressed for time.

DAN has been running since 2019 and has attracted over 265k subscribers and over 22 million views in that time. There are also interviews and live streams for those who like a bit more variety from their crypto content.

10. CryptosRUs

I am George – we’re all George.’ Ah, good old George. George does two streams a day in which he analyses and discusses the latest news and events in crypto. This is pure speculation but George doesn’t appear to get much in the way of sleep between streams and his perma-exhausted demeanour has earned him north of 270k subscribers and nearly 45 million views since the channel was created in 2017.

CryptosRUs homepage

Image via CryptosRUs

George may be another lo-fi crypto YouTuber, but he still knows his ETH from his ETC and has made some good calls on alts in the past. His community is loyal and vocal and – perhaps best of all – you can buy a hoodie with his opening catchphrase printed on it.

Things Move Fast

We last covered the best crypto YouTubers back in March 2020 and already it seems a lifetime ago. Back then Guy had a shade over 17k subscribers and people were wondering why there was all the fuss about an outbreak of flu somewhere in China. How things change.

There are doubtless more exciting times ahead. Covid19 is still with us, though the hopes are that worldwide vaccination programs will enable most of us to return to some sort of normality before too long. The bull market we’re currently enjoying will end soon, though whether we’ll see the same sort of shakeout as we did in 2018 is a moot point.

Lamborghini Aventador

A Lambo moving at roughly the same speed as the crypto markets.

For all the uncertainty that lies ahead, you can be sure that the crypto YouTubers on this list will continue to inform, educate and entertain, whatever happens to the market. Will some of them still make this list in a year’s time? Perhaps not, but don’t imagine Guy will be letting anyone knock him off his perch anytime soon.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

Mike is a professional altcoin dabbler and investor from London, United Kingdom, with over 4 years of experience in the field. Mike has risen to stardom in the crypto space, thanks to being a childhood friend of Coin Bureau’s Guy the crypto guy. He is a strong advocate of the Altcoins and the opportunities that can be found in some of the more exotic corners of the space.

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