top shortener list

Top Shortener List

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Top Shortener List for Faucet Owners

Here is the top shortener list for Faucet owners. Almost all the sites are currently paying and legit. We need your help to make this list up-to-date. Please give a comment below for any suggestion.

NamecpmpayoutPayingWebsiteLast Paid
shortdat1.13bitcoinYesVisit6/27/19 4:43 PM
crabcut0.0005 BTCbitcoinYesVisitNew For me
CutWin3.05paypalYesVisit3/20/19, 10:26 AM Complete $3.53395
6.61bitcoinYesVisitNew For me
ShortZon3.7paypalYesVisit3/20/19, 2:06 PM Completed $5.1397
BTC.MS1.20FaucethubYesVisitPaying but not recommended to use
1.4FaucethubYesVisit4/3/19, 4:20 PM Complete $1.22785
1.85paypalYesVisit3/9/19, 6:16 AM Complete $5.1988
3.55bitcoinYesVisit3/19/19, 5:51 PM Complete $3.0443
3bitcoinYesVisit3/16/19, 4:01 PM Complete $10.14


Something you should know about the URL shorteners:

  • Url shorteners are are good for Earning from your Faucet websites.
  • Here we are talking about making money through URL shorteners. Why do they pay for us for shortening the URL? The answer is when some click the shortened URL they will be redirected to the advertisement page before they reach the destination page this is called as interstitial ads. They pay us for showing the ad to the visitor.
  • Link shortening networks pay in terms of eCPM i.e. cost per 1000 impression made.
  • Depending on the URL shortener and geographical location the rates may vary from $0.20 to $15 or more.
  • Building a Faucet website and earning from ads and Shortener services is a very easy task and you can build your own Faucet website even if you don’t have Coding knowledge. How?

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