Latest Version V2.5

Released – Faucetspro™️ AutoFaucet Script V2.5

Published on: August 25, 2019

Following awesome feature added in this script-

Installation Wizard: With help of Installation Wizard you can install script within 20 Min.
Admin Panel: We have included a very Powerful Admin Panel. You can manage almost everything with Admin Panel. All the settings you can set on your Admin Panel.
Wallet System: Because of API limitation on we have introduced Wallet System. With this feature, user can store his earning to your Wallet and anytime he can switch back to Withdraw to FaucetHub.
Ban System: This script is already very secure and it is hard to hack any part of the script but still we have added a PowerFul Ban system by which you can Ban a User permanently.
Claim with FaucetHub UserName: User can claim with his Username instead of Address. Now no need to copy/paste the long address.
Auto-update reward according to the market price: Now you only have to set price in USD and it will automatically update all coins amount which you want to pay. Not only that script will also fetch real-time data from the market and time to time it will update the reward amount accordingly.

Demo Link: Faucetworld

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