What to do if I am totally new?

  • To get started you will need a wallet. I suggest use Binance, but you can use any wallet(google it). It will provide you with wallets for ExpressCrypto. Binance is a popular exchange where all currencies are available so it is good for trader as well.
  • Once you have your wallet addresses go to ExpressCrypto and create an account.
  • Now you can withdraw from any micro wallet like expressCrypto to your real Wallet.
  • You are now able to make money from any faucet on Link and collect FREE money.


  1. When at a faucet you will enter your Express Crypto Unique ID, there are usually Captcha, ReCaptcha or Solvmedia, these are for human verification.
  2. There are many kinds of faucets, Some have instant payouts and some are miners. Once you have claimed you should see the deposit on your FaucetHUB account!
  3. It’s really that simple to make FREE money. Participating in chat on ExpressCrypto is a great way to earn more free coins! (they call it rain).

These screenshots will help you.

Click on this Image to open this faucet in new tab.
You can try to claim above Faucet.

Here you have to fill your Bitcoin address in the textbox, then complete antibot and then click on claim


Congrats!!! You have claimed. Go to ExpressCrypto and check your balance.

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